Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flat Stanley comes to Kansas City

Did I tell you about the Flat Stanley that came to visit us. Rayce who is in kindergarten has started to study geography with the help of the book "Where in the World is Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley is a regular little boy who woke up one morning and was flat as a piece of paper.The teacher mails the Flat Stanley to people and they write back with pictures and stories of where Flat Stanley is visiting. I enlisted my sister and we took off on a beautiful day and took Stanley to the Plaza, the Liberty Memorial, The Nelson Art Gallery and a couple of other places around Kansas City. Tricia held Stanley and I took his picture with the places behind him. We had a great day.

I brought Flat Stanley home and wrote about where we had been and a little history about those places, printed the story and the pictures and mailed them back to his teacher.

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