Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday prep

These are a few of my jewelry designs this year. I have the earrings in both posts and wires. All of the pendants are different.
The last three months I have mainly been teaching Girl Scouts to make their own pendants. I added them up today and there are 149 little girls that have designed their own pendants this Fall. This is really fun for me. I feel like I am making a difference and educating more people about stained glass and fusing. In the workshops we fire a pendant with my little Quik-fire kiln so they get to actually watch the different stages of warm glass. I have the last Troop of the year in my kiln right now and I will fire them tomorrow. They will get them back this weekend.
Next week I will wrap presents and get ready for Christmas. Our Christmas will be quiet but after the 27th our grandsons and daughter and son-in-law will be here from Dallas and then the fun will begin. That week we will exchange gifts for Christmas and celebrate two birthdays, Hudson's the 27th and mine on New Year's Eve.

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